An update on DJA Properties

On Saturday, November 17, 2018 our team was heartbroken to find out that our founders, Dick and Kris James, had passed away when their private plane encountered severe weather and struck a power line during an emergency landing. They were on their way to Branson, Missouri while pursuing their combined love for flying and travel. No other people were hurt, and no property was damaged in the accident.

Dick and Kris had an enormous impact throughout the community, touching the lives of hundreds of people. They were always recognized by their compassion to for others, giving everyone the chance to make the best of themselves.

“No words can adequately express our sadness at the death of Dick and Kris James, or our gratitude for the time we spent living and working together. We will honor their memory by dedicating ourselves to the continued success of the company they built and loved so much.” Michele Amaral, President

Unexpected, But Not Unprepared.

While the passing of Dick and Kris James was certainly unexpected and abrupt, we were fully prepared with a succession plan for our leadership team. Dick and Kris’s daughter, Michele Amaral, co-owner and CFO has taken on the role of President. Additionally, their son, Todd Stevenot, MBA and experienced CFO and COO has stepped in to lead future growth and provide strategic oversight with the transition.

Beyond these immediate changes at the leadership level, our team has worked for years to ensure a successful future for the organization – one that would live beyond the initial founding generation and serve our families for years to come. We’re family-owned and proud of it. Our leadership team not only represents the best of Dick and Kris’s values, commitment, and work ethic, but also current and future generations of the family. We look forward to continuing to serve our team, partners, and community for many generations to come.

Continuing To “Manage It Like We Own It.”

Over the years, we’ve been blessed to serve our clients and partners with strong shared values. Those values created a reputation for not only Dick, but for our entire organization. Our focus to continuously improve and make things better, to always learn and grow, and to always do our best remains with us even after Dick and Kris have passed. Our values are rooted in this company, and will never be gone.

Together, we have the utmost confidence in our ability to uphold everything we have stood for over the years. We also have an immense duty and sense of responsibility to uphold those values in new ways. We are committed to not only maintaining what Dick and Kris worked so hard to build, but to carry it into the future.

Committed To Continued Success

Our highly skilled and experienced leadership team is excited to carry on what Dick and Kris built. We remain committed to our clients and partners that have been so crucial to our growth and success over the years. We also have an eye toward the future, looking to grow and expand, and to bring even more value to those we work with.

This future vision starts with an updated corporate identity. Our new logo recognizes our past and the foundation of who we are and what we stand for. The red color reminds of our founder and his passion for aviation. At the same time, our new logo positions us for the future with a more modern and adaptable style. We are excited to officially unveil our new corporate identity.

In the coming weeks and months, you will continue to see changes throughout our communications. Our website and marketing materials will be updated to better reflect our new visual identity. However, our values, commitment, and dedication to our customers and partners will never change.

If you have any questions about these recent events, please feel free to contact Todd Stevenot, CEO at or (707) 364-4248.