How to Host a Thanksgiving or Holiday Dinner in Your Apartment

Thanksgiving and the holidays are a great excuse to get family and friends together and enjoy each other’s company. One of the tougher things about planning for the holidays in an apartment is figuring out how to fit everyone in for the necessary gatherings. Here are some tips for hosting a holiday dinner party in your apartment:

Tip #1: Come up with a menu

Creating a menu will give you an idea of what you need to purchase and how much space you will need to plan for. Also, if you’re doing the dinner potluck style, it will give you a great opportunity to assign the different menu items to your guests. Having your holiday dinner potluck-style is a great way to overcome the burden of cooking in your small space.

Tip #2: Clear out your space and create a seating area

Don’t be afraid of redecorating your apartment temporarily and moving furniture and clutter out of the middle of the room. This will make it so your guests can move around your apartment comfortably and opens up a space for you to create a seating area. You can push tables together and cover them with a tablecloth for a formal dining arrangement, just be sure you have enough chairs for everyone to sit. If you don’t have enough formal seating, another great option is to create a picnic-style seating area. Additionally, even though your patio may seem small, it is easy to create an outdoor seating area for your guests to spill over into.

Tip #3: Create a serving and drinking station

Since most of the space in your apartment will likely be occupied, it’s a good idea to set up a spot for people to get drinks and appetizers. Here is when you can really get creative – look around your apartment and see if there is anything that can be used to make a small serving table like a bookshelf or card table. I’ve found that while it is best to set up your drink station in the kitchen in case of any spills, it is better to set up the appetizer station outside of the kitchen to reduce the amount of chaos.

Tip #4: Plan for your serving utensils

Most of us don’t have a ton of different serving dishes stocked up in our apartments, so now is the time to plan for the extra dishes you will need. Be sure that each item on your menu has a place to go once it is cooked. If you can, borrow the serving dishes from a friend or a guest at the party. If you have to purchase anything, it is a good idea to first check out your local dollar store or a discount department store like Ross.

Tip #5: Relax and have fun!

The holidays are supposed to be filled with family & friends and happiness, so don’t forget to enjoy the company you have over and relax! Savor these precious times and take lots of pictures so you have something to remember your dinner by.

Time to get back to work!

-The DJA Team